Detailed Course Information
Lampshade Making
One day course - 4.30pm

About the course


Beginners will make a modern drum lampshade using their own fabric, double sided sticky tape and selepar, sticky back plastic. This will be finished ready for you to take home and use.


Using a rigid lampshade frame with side struts, you will practice the traditional techniques of lampshade making by binding the frame and sewing on the fabric. You will learn how to pin, pattern cut and sew your fabric correctly for a tight fit and how to cut sew and fit a ballon lining.


You will be shown how to finish your lampshade by making a handmade trimming.


Due to time constraints, it will not be possible to completely finish your traditional lampshade but you will have mastered the basic techniques. For intermediates who have completed the beginners course, you will be able to finish and trim your traditional lampshade and practice a few more advanced techniques.


Lampshade frames are supplied and can be chosen by you from a selection of different shapes and sizes. Binding tape, linings and all tools and equipment are provided for your use on the day. You will be given handouts with supprting information and details of suitable text books and suppliers of lampshade making resources.


 We strongly suggest that you choose and buy your own fabric prior to the course and bring it with you on the day. For the drum lampshade you will need 30cm of 137cm wide fabric. For the traditional lampshade, the fabric quantity will vary depending on the size of frame you choose, but in most cases 50cm - 75cm will be adequate. We do have a limited stock of fabrics which you will be able to buy from us on the day but we may not be able to suit every taste. Please contact Pauline in advance of the course if you are unsure.




About your tutor

Pauline Keenoy is a practising upholstery conservator and interior furnisher who has a wealth of experience. With more than 20 years teaching experience of beginners to advanced level, teaching adult education, City and Guilds, National and Higher National diploma and degree level students.  She has also co-ordinated interior decorating courses with a range of related specialist subjects such as decorative paint techniques, soft furnishing, colour theory,  visual communication and the history of art and design.

You can call Pauline on 07889 595041 or email her at 



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