Bespoke designer furniture

Anthony's bespoke collection features high gloss curves in stunning colour and has featured strongly  in international media since its launch in 2011.

Each piece is a real character, from sassy young Edna to the elegant tailored curves of Mr and Mrs Smith the Second.

Every piece is handmade to order - and you can choose from our limited editions or create your own designer colourway.


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​CABLE - simple stylish, colourful and affordable.

“I wanted to create an affordable range of British designed and produced furniture which is truly flexible to  modern living and working.   CABLE does this – you can choose your own colour sequences, you can easily assemble and reassemble it at will, and it takes up minimal space when not in use “

The secret to this versatility is the unique cable-tie joint which Anthony has designed.  Just push a coloured cable-tie through the pre-drilled holes, tighten up, and done! . No tools, no DIY skills, no problem



just how cool can one little stool get?


Your choice of spirograph designs etched into bold colours - mix and match two together for your own twist.