The Worth Valley has a long history of creativity in manufacturing, design and art. We are proud to be a continuing part of this, and to offer at Damside a new space for a more contemporary creative perspective than the traditional art and crafts often associated with the area. 

We have also introduced to the gallery two exclusive collections of lighting from local and international designers available for sale and to order.


Jo Holland

New limited edition photographic prints


Haworth born artist Jo Holland creates stunning photographic prints without the use of a camera, using a technique she invented at college and has further developed to achieve haunting and ethereal pieces with beautiful definition and detail.


She combines painting and photographic skills, and uses both the reflection and transmission of light to achieve her thought-provoking images; highly detailed close-ups of plants and anatomical studies, often with intense colour and contrast. 


To find out more about Jo's technical approach and her latest collections, go to



Anthony Hartley
New designs



SPIRO stools are perfect little pieces of retro styling,  with iconic spirograph designs and cool colours.


The CABLE range has been updated with new coatings, colours and shapes,  including coffee tables, bar stools and benches.


You will also see some of the first pieces from the brand new range of smaller tables and chairs.


Other artists

We are always pleased to show work of other contemporary artists and designers at Damside. We are developing a programme of shows and events for the gallery for 2014/15- click here if you would like us to contact you with details of future events.